Saturday, May 29, 2010


1. From where comes love
of SMS down to the heart ..

2. Suppose you could see my heart
If only you could read my mind
How much space shadow soul full of yourself,
Decorate the day-hariku
Smile and your voice, my soul teduhkan
I love the kesungguhanmu

3. If I can sort alphabetically, I want to park close to U of I

4. Hello .. U have not plaster? I hurt worse because of falling in love with U!

5. Hello ..
I am a thief
and here I want to steal you heart!

6. U to my doctor? Because I sprained foot fell in love with U!

7. I want to spend u Hacks sweets ..
I understand that means?

8. Expression of love Like a wind ..
detained pain.
released ashamed.
I go out .. fuhhh! Relief!

9. If you live to be 100 years old.
I just want to live to 99 years because I am not willing to live without you

10. Below I list I do not like you ttg
1 ..
3 ..
What do I do? I love all ttg you!
Press down if you longed for.
Press the left if still miss ..
They're hit again?
It seems very nostalgic ..
I also merinduimu

11. Let the past be the laluku, and you become present and Kebon time.

12. If love is like a disease, I do not want to eat ubat.Biar I suffer these diseases krn I want you to know how much I love you!

13. Org says we only fall in love once. But every time I hear your voice, I fell in love again!

14. I felt a little self-dihatikuianya like coal. Every time I see it, this coal goes on and it was so special because I love KAU!

15. What is love to read?
Not necessary. Then you kukirim SMS, professes to not have to.

16. Imprisonment in case your heart, let me rest of my life in jail in your heart

17. God gives love in my heart, and I give it to you. Please do not be left to others.

18. I want you to know I menyintaimu hipokritbukan sincere heart .. not fake .. not no love interest.
This is love without conditions.
I am so menyintaimu ..

19. Love will be lost if taken org. Love will die if grasped firmly. How harusku memegangmu? What perluku continue or release?

20. How beautiful were the words, I can state the same for you my love

21. God gives love in my heart, and I give it to you. Please do not be left to others.

22. Love is not like paper ..
I always love the coal goes
and the flaming blown you desire ..

23. If I love a kesalahanbiar guilty. Love you very strong and will kuperjuangkan life demimu

24. We love all mine. But believe me it is not at all reduce padamu.Kau love is special in human life

25. I can not live without you ..
because're nyawaku

26. If you love it .. I was taxed the highest tax payer!

27. Love is the most beautiful thing I had happen in my life.
Where might I forget days of my life. You're Love's first and last.

28. Tears for his first sacrifice,
Water points for parents 1penghormatan,
Tears for lovers 1penyesalan,
He tears as a blessing.

() ()
(O) I kan,
(,()() Always
Kat do you remember ..
tiap2 night
your voice
you funny
Sumer la ..
() ()
(() () Rindunye ..!
(() () anggur_fara

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