Tuesday, June 8, 2010


One. I Love North for beauty, I love the warmth of your love bukn because I love not because of your love, I love that you love

2. I hate that you love and love because I hate, now I realize that I can not hate if I did not love ..

3. Why do you love when I am not beautiful? Why do you love when I do not know?Why do you love when I overweight? But worse, why I can love?

4. I went all over the world but you only find one person who captured my heart.not even your second and third just ordinary people ..

5. Presence my light, my quiet warmth of your love treat, cure your wound tenderness I, comforting familiarity you are healing me restless ..

6. Far there is a separate space, away there two separate hearts .. when there is much that unsettled feeling, as long there is a restless soul, as far as it is nostalgic bygones...

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