Friday, December 10, 2010

love will have it's way~ ='(

You know I love you, you know I care,
And hopefully you know I'll always be there.
If you come back from time away,
I'll pray to god your here to stay.
The time apart made my love stronger,
But sadly yours began to wonder.
And now I'm left in a puddle of tears,
As I realize my deepest fears.
My life is a wreck and so is my home,
All because you have gone.
A part of me has left this place,
An unwanted look upon my face.
I look back on the day we met,
The best day of my life I bet.
I love you more than you know,
I keep asking myself why did you go?
You left me on my own again,
My heart crying in pain.
We were in love we felt so high,
But now it's time to say goodbye.
As they lower is casket in to the ground,
I hear sniffing and crying all around.
I cant believe you had to die,
The rest of my life will now be a lie.
I've lost my one and only true love,
He's restricted to watch up above.
My life is not worth living anymore,
I'm going to walk through that open door.
You were calling my name,
It was driving me insane.
Your life has gone and so must mine,
I slit my wrists line by line.
As I lay there on the floor,
I pray to go through that open door.
We will be together again,
No more aching pain,
Our love will have it's way.
I'll love you more day by day,

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